Ambonese wife of a resort owner, later widowed and a bar owner in Klong Graitin.
Arotjarena, an Australian history academic.
Axel, an ancient but fit Dane, a poet manqué.
Bernard Slim, Australian academic, Suk’s partner, father of Kao.
Bill, Dorothy’s husband, a Thai.
Bobby, Dorothy’s youngest daughter.
Cambodian gardener at the House of Vasa.
Chang, a very fat banker, obsessed with Suk.
Ching Bpratpatsara Larbjareun, playgirl executive, eventual owner of the Forest Lodge and the House of Vasa.
Dinosaur, Dr Burke Fitzgerald, an Australian  palaeontologist.
Doctor in Klong Graitin, a lady beset by postmodernist confusion.
Dorothy, Suk’s first employer, an Australian.
Dum, Suk’s elder daughter.
Esther, Dorothy’s middle daughter.
Fungus, Dr Blair, an Australian  mycologist.
Gaunt, Marxist cadre.
Gaur-Death, past British colonial official in the Tenasserim, Maclean in The Edge of Events.
Goat, past British colonial police officer in the Tenasserim, Eyre in The Edge of Events.
Gormless, Marxist rank and file.
Greta, Axel’s niece, a pain.
Isabel, Dorothy’s eldest daughter.
Jep, a grumpy twitcher.
Jonah-Kep, fundamentalist Christian.
Jub, a biologist.
Kao, Suk’s younger daughter.
Kol, an alcoholic guide.
Korn, a homosexual, lodger at LekNaruk Inc.
Krik, a ranger
Kuad, worker at LekNaruk Inc, Naruk’s cousin, sister to Yoong, afterwards Suk’s assistant and protégée,  and linked to Yorn.
Lat, Successor’s Mon girlfriend.
Leif, another ancient Dane, a painter, friend of Axel.
Lek, former maid, co-founder of LekNaruk Inc, cousin to Tookta.
Mort, hotel manager, Suk’s man-friend.
Mute ranger.
Naruk, former maid, co-founder of LekNaruk Inc, latterly married to a policeman.
Nok, Suk’s protégée and assistant, Mort’s girlfriend.
Noo, an elderly female elephant.
One-Arm, Marxist rank and file.
Ord, a dying recluse and intellectual, once Suk’s client.
Parat, retiree, friend of Wila.
Pet, dead girlfriend of Vasa.
Quayle, young Australian academic, interested in Tara.
Ramsay-Botham, head of the English Institute, Tum’s lover.
Rat, longstanding Karen-Karenni poacher.
Richard Kempt, Australian academic, Suk’s first lover.
Robert Da Cruz Light, a physicist and polymath, Thai academic of mixed ethnic origin, Suk’s beloved, father of Dum, later husband to Ching.
Sanuk, receptionist at the Forest Lodge, Suk’s ally.
Seua, Suk’s longstanding platonic male friend.
Storm, an ex-masseuse of Cantonese descent.
Successor, past British colonial official in the Tenasserim, Powell in The Edge of Events.
SUK SOMPORN SRICHAREONRUNG of Isan, trek and tour guide, mother of Dum and Kao, partner and eventually wife to Bernard.
Tank, Suk’s longstanding male friend and occasional lover.
Tara, receptionist for Suk’s doctor, Yorn’s secondary girlfriend, later Quayle’s girlfriend.
Tongbai, nurse to and sister of Ord.
Tookta, receptionist and effective manager at the House of Vasa, cousin to Lek.
Tron, a business graduate, ambitious manager of the Forest Lodge.
Tum, teacher and Suk’s friend in Loktaoburi, Tron’s lover and later wife, lover of Ramsay-Botham.
Vasa, Finn of Swedish descent, eccentric founder of the House of Vasa, a run-down inn.
Wila, business woman.
worker at LekNaruk Inc, Naruk’s cousin, sister to Kuad, childminder for Suk.
Yorn, Suk’s driver, sometime manfriend to Tara, latterly manfriend to Kuad.

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