Andersen, Danish geologist and husband of Lat, living near Nakhon Trak.
Anna Jingga, Congolese slave, later an askari.
Betty Maclean, Anglo-Burman, descendant of Maclean.
Black Cygnus, a secretive West Australian nationalist organization.
Buchanan, British lieutenant and Church of Scotland missionary.
Bullock, Force 136 officer.
Cheyenne, Richard’s former girlfriend.
Coetzee, a dopey South African lieutenant.
Eleanor Jones, Lucy Powell I’s sister.
Ellie, daughter of Lucy Powell II.
Eyre (Goat in Suk’s Code) colonial officer of Fabian and liberal socialist views in the Tenasserim.
Fitzgerald, renegade of the 25th Fusiliers.
Froben, a German Swiss.
Governor of Nakhon Trak in the kingdom of Siam.
Guide, a Karen, ancestor of Rat in Suk’s Code.
Ham and Eggs, Johnson’s two sons.
Hika Sawbu Davis, later Hika Kempt, great-grand-daughter of Powell, Richard’s wife.
Hueffer, amiable German doctor, living in Nakhon Trak.
Jane on the Pill, Johnson’s two dim golden retrievers.
Johnson, neighbour of Richard Kempt in Paradise.
Jorgensen, Danish alcoholic and ex-policeman, living near Nakhon Trak.
Jowly, bar manager near the Riverbend estate.
Kaw, Chinese, a British subject from Penang, living in Nakhon Trak.
Kelly, former girlfriend of Richard.
Korzeniowski, a travelling Pole.
Lat, Powell’s Mon housekeeper and lover in the Tenasserim, later Andersen’s wife.
Loach, West Australian nationalist.
Lucy Powell I, nee Jones, Powell’s wife.
Lucy Powell II, daughter of Powell and Meeko or Miko
Lumpy, Moldovan misfit, Richard’s other neighbour in Paradise.
Maclean (Gaur-Death in Suk’s Code), longstanding colonial officer in the Tenasserim.
Maclean Dun, son of Maclean and Zoya.
Malan, a cynical South African lieutenant.
Maria van der Graaf, East Indian Dutch aristocrat.
Maurice of Nassau, a pet hyrax.
Maw Kamoy, imprisoned Siamese doctor.
Meeko or Miko, Maclean Dun’s Japanese wife, later Powell’s partner and wife.
Mehta, Gujarati Indian Army medical officer.
Moira Sullivan, a university educationalist.
Odinga, Luo orderly.
Opium-Squid, a driver for Kaw.
Porcinus, a mare.
JOHN GILLIS POWELL (Successor in Suk’s Code) British colonial administrator in the Tenasserim and elsewhere, military officer in German East Africa, lover of Lat and husband of Lucy, later partner of Miko, great-grandfather of Hika.
Seaforth, Force 136 officer
Shombur, Chinese-Siamese doctor and zoologist, living in Nakhon Trak.
Stevens, Force 136 officer
Upjohn, a Welsh non-nationalist living in Paradise.
Watkins, amputee private of 25th Fusiliers.
Watson-Jones, liberal Gloucester lawyer.
Whitejacket, agent for Kaw and Jorgensen.
Zoya, Maclean’s Karen wife.

GM Spencer painting Stereospermum tree
Stereospermum Tree by George Marley Spencer.

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