Two of the five galleries illustrate themes from Suk’s Story which makes frequent reference to the Thai fauna and forests. The animal gallery is composed of my simple paintings of the birds and beasts which feature in Suk’s Progress. The second series consists mostly of photographs of  waterfalls in Thai national parks and reserves.

            Two galleries of photographs and some pen and ink sketches represent my travel writings but only loosely as some of the groups are in fact from excursions which do not feature in my accounts. The photos are often faded and those taken in Africa are in black and white. This creates the impression of a relatively distant past as well as reflecting my lack of photographic enterprise and competence.

            The plays gallery consists of photos and posters and sets from three plays performed at Yishun Junior College – Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra and my prequel to his play, They Bless Her When She’s Frisky,as well as my Kinahasa.  They exhibit the attractiveness and liveliness of their youthful casts.

Suk's Progress: Animal Gallery

Thai Forest Gallery

Kenya Gallery

South East Asia Gallery

Plays Gallery