Other Writing

GM Spencer has written plays as well as books on history, government and literary appreciation. As in his travel accounts and his fiction, his writing is witty and direct.

Idiosyncratic Appreciation (in preparation) a guide to the study of English literature, about 150 pages.
Excerpt from Idiosyncratic Appreciation

Idiosyncratic Government(in preparation) guide to government and democracy in the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore, about 150 pages.
Excerpt from Idiosyncratic Government

Idiosyncratic History (in preparation) a personal commentary on twentieth century history, 536 pages, originally published as Hope after Holocaust.
Excerpt from Idiosyncratic History

Idiosyncratic Plays
(in preparation) three plays on the Antony and Cleopatra theme (1) Iras and Enobarbus Shakespeare’s original play, partly re-written with two original songs (3 hours). (2) They Bless Her When She’s Frisky a prequel to the events of Shakespeare’s play (2 hours). (3) Salt Cleopatra a complete new version of the Caesar-Cleopatra-Antony story in modern English with three original songs (3hours). (4) Kinahasa a fable set in north Sulawesi in the old Dutch East Indies with three original songs (2 hours).
Excerpt from Idiosyncratic Plays
Cleopatra and Kinahasa